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BioAxone is making great strides in developing products that will make a difference and change the world.

Research driven medical solutions is what we strive for. Our goal is changing lives in a healthier way.

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Leader in Medical Research & Trials

BioAxone is a leader in medical devices and medical equipment manufacturing. The company recently acquired technology to manufacturer low cost EKG medical equipment and has developed partnerships with a few beta dealers to sell these products online. The first dealer to offer these new systems will be ekg machines for sale. They sell new and used ekg machines and we are excited about this opportunity and look forward to seeing the market demand for the EKG medical equipment systems in the near term.

Plastic Surgery Medical Devices

One of the newest areas that our business will be expanding into will be plastic surgery and building tools to assist plastic surgeons. As part of our trial process we will be deploying some of our newer plastic surgery products with a handful of La Jolla plastic surgeon offices in the San Diego and La Jolla areas. With their help, we hope to bring on a new line of useful and well built plastic surgery medical devices and technologies.

Antihistamines Provide Allergy Relief

In the area of 'changing lives in a healthier way', development of the antihistamine (histamine antagonist) has to be one of the breakthroughs of the past century. An antihistamine is a drug used to relieve allergy symptoms, from which hundreds of millions suffer. Histamine is a natural, organic compound found in the human body. It is released when the body senses the presence of an outside invader such as dust, pollen, pet dander and certain foods.

The body tries to combat the invader by releasing histamine, which is the cause of typical allergic reaction symptoms such as swelling, sneezing, rashes, difficulty breathing, etc. An antihistamine, first developed in the early 1940s and popular ever since, 'antagonizes' the release of histamine, thereby preventing symptoms from occurring. For allergy sufferers, the discovery was a Godsend, allowing for great relief and the ability to live life unencumbered by unpleasant allergic reactions.

Affordable Medical Equipment for Use in All Doctor's Offices and Hospitals

Technology has had much advancement, such as the ability to get a prescription online, that continues to help the medical field properly diagnose and treat patients. However, with advanced technology come higher costs for both medical practitioners and their patients. At Bioaxone, our mission is to develop and manufacture low cost medical equipment that is vital to a practice and to helping patients get proper treatment. The types of medical equipment we manufacture ranges through numerous useful pieces that can benefit everyone in the medical industry.

We manufacture everything from low cost EKG machines that are extremely useful and can typically be quite expensive. Many doctors use EKG machines to properly diagnose patients and then determine the right type of treatment for them. In addition to EKG machines, however, we also manufacture and sell plastic surgery medical devices as well as antihistamines for patients. These advancements allow patients to not only get a prescription online, but allow doctors and hospitals to save money that they can then pass on to patients.

Beyond medical devices, our team also dedicates a lot of time to research and development. We have conducted studies on pheromones and other areas of the medical field that will eventually help patients. Our goal is to provide these new discoveries and technological advancements at a reduced cost. We know that offering these low cost devices and research will assist patients in getting the help they need.

Innovation is what we do.

Research-driven medical solutions.

Sustainability is the key.

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